Main Body/EQSS-350SD (Spray, Preheater, Solder Pot)

      Selective Soldering System (Inline Type)

      Main Body & Solder Pot Module/EQSS-350SDM
      (Spray, Preheater, Solder Pot, Solder Pot)

      Selective Spray Fluxer Hot-air Type Preheater
      (EQSS-350SD)Carbon Lamp Heater
      (EQS-350SDD, EQS-350SDDD)

      Inline-type Small-footprint Model


      • Small-footprint of 1600mm-long main body (spray & preheater & solder pot, excluding inlet & outlet conveyor) with innovative PCB loading system which allows its longest side of 350mm to be vertical to the machine direction.
      • Significant increase of production efficiency made possible by addition of extension solder pot module.
      • Automatic model changeover system and mixed flow production enabled by adoption of two-dimension code offers remarkable improvement of production raito.
      • Manufacturing control system with traceability is haighly useful in soldering quality management.