In recent years, KOKI TEC CORP. has been developing extensive marketing networks as a soldering machine manufacturer not only in Japan but also in many foreign countries of Asia,North & SouthAmerica, and any other areas in the world.

       To “Consider Future of Soldering” is our company’s motto we put first. We are now returning again to the fundamental standpoint, that is, “What is soldering future to be?” for the purpose of taking further steps to push forward technological innovation with one more large vision “What is the Joining Technology?”

       And now, another motto of our company is to “Create Equipment to Please Users.” Our flagship products, “TAKUROBO” series, which have been receiving highly favorable reviews so far, achieved total shipments of 700 units. We consider all of these 700 units are not the same. Real dramas of each customer that selected and introduced our product are hidden in each of the units shipped, which has surely brought them great pleasure of productivity improvement by its high-level performance. We believe that new technological innovation will be born in constant pursuit of the products which are really needed and appreciated by many customers. We sincerely look forward to your continued business and support in the future.


      Management Philosophy

      「Superior manufacturing that provides satisfaction to customers,

      Qualified and trained staff that gains customer trust」

      「Superior manufacturing that provides satisfaction to customers,Qualified and trained staff that gains customer trust」

      Eiji Mori, President

       In 1970’s, KOKI Tec imported soldering machines from overseas, sold them, and provided maintenance services because we did not have enough skills or human resources to produce machines by ourselves. With the support of our customers, gradually our technicians made it possible to design and manufacture our own original machines.

       To ensure the trust and loyalty of our customers, the diligent work of our staff is necessary for customers request or inquiries. Maintaining this philosophy will definitely lead to results that will create new business opportunities.

       Based on this philosophy, the success of the company is then returned to the staff as an incentive to not only motivate but inspire the creation of new ideas and devices. Continuing the sequence of customer satisfaction, dedicated employees, and innovative ideas is the business concept I am aiming for.