• 1984
        “KOKI Engineering” was established as a maintenance service company to support the manufacturing section of “KOKI Company Limited”.
      • 1986
        Rebuilt and renamed “KOKI Engineering Corporation” with capital participation of the “KOKI Company Limited” to assist their development section.
      • 1991
        Renamed “KOKI Techno Corporation”.
      • 1991
        Absorbed engineers from the manufacturing section of the “KOKI Company Limited” and took over their manufacturing business.
      • 2002
        The capital increased to 10 million yen.
      • 2002
        Renamed “KOKI TEC CORP.” by absorbing the sales section of the “KOKI Company Limited” to include both the sales and manufacturing sections. The capital increased to 80 million yen.
      • 2008
        Started selling “ULTIMA-TR”, the first version of “TAKUROBO” series.
      • 2011
        Mr. Eiji Mori assumed the position of president.
      • 2016
        Head office moved to Kawagoe-city, Saitama.